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REDF Accelerator Directory

An exceptional program for exceptional leaders

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Bikes Not Bombs

Elijah Evans

Blue Jacket

Lindsey Lortie

Conservation Corps of Long Beach

David Sall

Fog Hill Management

Shinar Little

Lancaster Works

Tyrone Miller

Multicultural Refugee Coalition

Meg Erskine

Rise Up Industries

Jonathan Yackley

The Forestry and Fire Recruitment Program

Brandon Smith

The Urban Wild

Samia Lemfadli

Unibody Fitness NYC

Hector Guadalupe

Valeo Vocation

Sherri Jensen

WELD Seattle

Jay Pershing


All Square

Emily Hunt Turner

America on Tech

Jessica Santana

Breaking Bread Cafe and Catering

LaTasha Powell

Clean Decisions, LLC

Will Avila

Community Kitchen Pittsburgh

Jennifer Flanagan

CP Furniture

Andrew McKnight

Freedom a la Cart

Paula Haines

InnerCity Weightlifting

Jon Feinman


Ilyssa Manspeizer

Opportunity Construction, LLC

Carl Phinney

Peralta Service Corporation

Gordon Leung


Gary Wozniak

Seeds of Change

Ian Dovan

SisterHearts, Inc.

Maryam Henderson-Uloho

SustainU Clothing

Dylan Smith

Tech Dump/Tech Discounts

Amanda LaGrange

The Osborne Association Social Enterprise Program

Maggie McNicholas


Ada's Café

Kathleen Foley-Hughes

EMERGE Connecticut, Inc.

Alden Woodcock

Evanston Rebuilding Warehouse

Aina Gutierrez

Global Neighborhood

Brent Hendricks

Home Start Thrift Boutique

Laura Tancredi-Baese

Hopeworks GIS and Drone Services

Dan Rhoton

Just Q'in BBQ

Matthew Cuff

Ladders To Leaders

David Lidz

Light House Bistro

Beth Rocca

Missoula Works

Paige Pavalone

Primavera Works

Karen Caldwell

Purple Door Coffee

Mark Smesrud

Take 2: A Resonance Cafe

Deidra Kirtley

The Knowledge House

Jerelyn Rodriguez

Visión y Compromiso

Maria Lemus

Wagster Treats

Paul Fordham


Beautiful Day

Keith Cooper

Cala Restaurant

Emma Rosenbush

Crossroads Pets

Lisa Stetar

Dreams For Change

Teresa Smith

Farming Hope

Kevin Madrigal

Homeless Garden Project

Angie Smith


Toby Sheppard Bloch


Joe Altepeter

Mindful Works

Susan Williams

My Sister's Cafe

Nilda Valmores

Neighborhood Industries

Anthony Armour

Rebuilding Exchange

Kelly Farley

The Good Seed CDC

Jonathan Thompson

The Monkey & The Elephant

Lisa Miccolis

The Rock Found

Cheryl Cook


Appetite For Change

Michelle Horovitz

Better Futures Minnesota

Thomas Adams

CUPs Coffeehouse

Holly Shook

Flying Fruit Stands

Rae Gallagher

Good Soil Industries

Chrissy Birkey

Growing Grounds

Frank Ricceri

LA Towel & Linen Service

Kevin Rodin

Lindy & Company

Linda Kramer

Mamacitas Café

Shana Lancaster

Project Return

Bettie Kirkland

Reclaim Detroit

Jeremy Haines

The Kitchen at Billings Forge

Althea Bates

The Town Kitchen

Sabrina Mutukisna

Verde Landscape

Ricardo Moreno