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REDF Accelerator Directory

An exceptional program for exceptional leaders

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A Safe Haven Foundation

Mark G. Mulroe

Advance Memphis

Steve Nash

Amplify Property Solutions

Ted Christians

Beacon House Thrift Shop

Matthew Huff

Big House Beans

LeeAnn Krause

Big Picture Alliance

Aleksander Martray

Carver Neighborhood Market

Jeffrey Delp

Catholic Charities of Louisville, Inc.

Alisa Pifine

City Beet Kitchens/Project Renewal

Charmaine Landicho

CoBuild, LLC

Tate Williams

Global Café

Sabine Langer

Greenisland Bakery

Caroline Johnston

People's Pottery Project

Domonique Perkins

Project Joy, Inc.

Kim Watson

Ready for Good Co.

Addison Shockley

Sanctuary Kitchen by CitySeed

Naseema Gilson

SugarBot Sweet Shop & Creamery

Jackie Huebbe

Urban University

Tracey Williams

Usource Construction

Shirley Boubert-Rumble

Vested Solutions

Sadiyyah Wyllie-James

Zero Waste East Side

Melissa DeVos

2023 Cohort 2

Binghampton Development Hub

Andy Kizzee

Chinook Enterprises

Nikki Wegner

Dorothy Day House

Robbi Montoya

Parents by Choice

Tony Yadon

Project Place

Aaryn Maning

Re-use Hawai'i

Nathaniel Pak

Refugee Artisan Initiative

Ming-Ming Tung-Edelman

Revolution Workshop

Joseph F Jaeger

Second Story Cards

Reed Sandridge

Square Peg Foundation

Joell Dunlap

Stroopies, Inc.

Jennie Groff

Sweet Beginnings

Elisha Hall

The Prospect Kitchen

Shanita McAfee Bryant

Unshattered, Inc.

Kelly Lyndgaard

2023 Cohort 1

Bellden Cafe

Claire Sumadiwirya

ChiFresh Kitchen

Kimberly Britt

Community Table Kitchen

John Trejo

Curbside Enterprises

Whitley O'Connor

EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant Institute

Jon Khanna

Emma's Torch

Kerry Brodie

I Have a Bean

Pete Leonard

Kitchens for Good

Lori Love

Lutunji's Palate

Lutunji Abram

Manufacture Good

Blake Wilson

Piece by Piece

Maggie Bohlman

Remark Glass

Danielle Ruttenberg

Social Enterprise and Training Center (SEAT Center)

Jennifer Lawrence

Southwest Creations Collaborative

Susan Matteucci

The Other Ones Foundation

Kristopher Wade

Well Grounded Coffee Community

Alyxandra Jones

2022 Cohort 2

Community Cycles of California

Cindy Ahola

Digital NEST

Omar J. Perez

Heartwood Resources

Marla Zoeter

Hot and Cool Cafe

Anthony Jolly

PAR Recycle Works

Maurice Jones

Project Real Life Y.O.T.C

Sable Barber


Julie Straw

Roots of Renewal

Kiana Calloway

Salt Kitchen

Saulo Cooper

San Gabriel Valley Conservation Corps

Norma J. Quinones

Stone Soup PDX

Craig Gerard

The MADE Institute

Leon El-Alamin

Timelist Group

Charles Taylor

Triple Bottom Brewing

Tess Hart

Vehicles for Change

Martin Schwartz

Waterside Workshops

Neil Larsen

2022 Cohort 1

Advanced Outsource Solutions, Inc.

Charlotte Hammond

Architectural Salvage Warehouse of Detroit

Chris Rutherford


Robert Andrews

Create Common Good

Cyn Dalton

Neighbor Moving

Spencer Hathcock

Northern Valley Industries, Inc.

Sherri Waid

Nu-Way Staffing

Michael Hollingsworth

OIC Strategic Integration, LLC

Jean-Claude Toussaint

Purpose Workforce Solutions

Paul Thompson

Salazar Landscaping

Jessie Salazar

Second Chance Recycling

Kevin Engdahl

Touch A Heart

Robin Kumabe

Wildflyer Coffee

Carley Kammerer


Bikes Not Bombs

Elijah Evans

Blue Jacket

Lindsey Lortie

Conservation Corps of Long Beach

David Sall

Fog Hill Management

Shinar Little

Lancaster Works

Tyrone Miller

Multicultural Refugee Coalition

Meg Erskine

Rise Up Industries

Jonathan Yackley

The Forestry and Fire Recruitment Program

Brandon Smith

The Urban Wild

Samia Lemfadli

Unibody Fitness NYC

Hector Guadalupe

Valeo Vocation

Sherri Jensen

WELD Seattle

Jay Pershing


All Square

Emily Hunt Turner

America on Tech

Jessica Santana

Breaking Bread Cafe and Catering

LaTasha Powell

Clean Decisions, LLC

Will Avila

Community Kitchen Pittsburgh

Jennifer Flanagan

CP Furniture

Andrew McKnight

Freedom a la Cart

Paula Haines

InnerCity Weightlifting

Jon Feinman


Ilyssa Manspeizer

Opportunity Construction, LLC

Carl Phinney

Peralta Service Corporation

Gordon Leung


Gary Wozniak

Seeds of Change

Ian Dovan

SisterHearts, Inc.

Maryam Henderson-Uloho

SustainU Clothing

Dylan Smith

Tech Dump/Tech Discounts

Amanda LaGrange

The Osborne Association Social Enterprise Program

Maggie McNicholas


Ada's Café

Kathleen Foley-Hughes

EMERGE Connecticut, Inc.

Alden Woodcock

Evanston Rebuilding Warehouse

Aina Gutierrez

Global Neighborhood

Brent Hendricks

Home Start Thrift Boutique

Laura Tancredi-Baese

Hopeworks GIS and Drone Services

Dan Rhoton

Just Q'in BBQ

Matthew Cuff

Ladders To Leaders

David Lidz

Light House Bistro

Beth Rocca

Missoula Works

Paige Pavalone

Primavera Works

Karen Caldwell

Purple Door Coffee

Mark Smesrud

Take 2: A Resonance Cafe

Deidra Kirtley

The Knowledge House

Jerelyn Rodriguez

Visión y Compromiso

Maria Lemus

Wagster Treats

Paul Fordham


Beautiful Day

Keith Cooper

Cala Restaurant

Emma Rosenbush

Crossroads Pets

Lisa Stetar

Dreams For Change

Teresa Smith

Farming Hope

Kevin Madrigal

Homeless Garden Project

Angie Smith


Toby Sheppard Bloch


Joe Altepeter

Mindful Works

Susan Williams

My Sister's Cafe

Nilda Valmores

Neighborhood Industries

Anthony Armour

Rebuilding Exchange

Kelly Farley

The Good Seed CDC

Jonathan Thompson

The Monkey & The Elephant

Lisa Miccolis

The Rock Found

Cheryl Cook


Appetite For Change

Michelle Horovitz

Better Futures Minnesota

Thomas Adams

CUPs Coffeehouse

Holly Shook

Flying Fruit Stands

Rae Gallagher

Good Soil Industries

Chrissy Birkey

Growing Grounds

Frank Ricceri

LA Towel & Linen Service

Kevin Rodin

Lindy & Company

Linda Kramer

Mamacitas Café

Shana Lancaster

Project Return

Bettie Kirkland

Reclaim Detroit

Jeremy Haines

The Kitchen at Billings Forge

Althea Bates

The Town Kitchen

Sabrina Mutukisna

Verde Landscape

Ricardo Moreno