Peralta Service Corporation

For over a decade, The Unity Council’s groundbreaking employment social enterprise, Peralta Service Corporation (PSC), has provided jobs to more than 50 people who are currently or formerly justice system-involved every year. PSC employees are trained in public space maintenance, custodial services, and neighborhood safety to keep the community safe, clean, and vibrant. PSC provides a work-based learning environment and workforce development-training program for employees to gain the necessary job readiness skills to integrate into a traditional workplace with higher pay to lift themselves out of poverty. Because The Unity Council offers multiple economic and social development programs, PSC employees are often connected to other workforce development, financial capability, or public benefit programs.



  • 2020: Accelerator Fellow
  • 2020-2021: Project Grant Recipient*
  • 2022-2024: Growth Portfolio Member

*Past REDF program offering