The Forestry and Fire Recruitment Program

The Forestry and Fire Recruitment Program (FFRP) is a nonprofit organization that provides career support and workforce development training to those formerly or currently incarcerated within California’s Conservation (Fire) Camps, and other justice-impacted individuals interested in pursuing professional careers within the wildland/forestry sector on release. FFRP’s mission is to increase the number of wildfire personnel from nontraditional and underrepresented communities, providing them with the training, skills, resources, and experiences needed to secure gainful, family-winning employment.

The RIIF line of credit will provide cash flow timing support for FFRP’s operations while it awaits reimbursement from key grant contracts including CAL FIRE. This grant will enable FFRP to hire additional crews, creating more jobs for people with criminal justice involvement.



  • 2021: Accelerator Fellow
  • 2023: RIIF Loan Recipient
  • 2023-2025: Growth Portfolio Member

*Past REDF program offering


Brandon Smith

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