Usource Consulting, LLC

Founded in 2014, Usource Consulting, LLC is headquartered in Washington, D.C. and manages construction projects in the D.C. metro area. They are a Minority Woman-owned Business/Minority Business Enterprise that provides residential and commercial general contracting services – including carpentry, drywall, finishing, painting, and window and door installation – to private sector customers, and local and federal government clients. 

Usource provides on-the-job construction training and upskilling opportunities to its employees, including refugees and opportunity youth. A $500k line of credit from RIIF will bridge the cash flow gap between the timing of incurring expenses such as materials and payroll and when Usource receives the funds for completed construction contracts and projects.

With the line of credit, Usource projects it will be able to serve seven additional individuals from RIIF’s focus population over the next year.



  • 2023: RIIF Loan Recipient
  • 2024: Accelerator Fellow


Shirley Boubert-Rumble
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