Learn if you (as a leader) and your enterprise (as a business) are a match for our Accelerator.

Leaders in the Accelerator:

  • Have strategic decision-making authority
  • Have been in current role for at least a year
  • Can commit to attending all sessions and engage in peer collaboration
  • Have capacity and willingness to complete curriculum assignments
  • Can step away from day-to-day duties without closing the enterprise
  • Are willing to comply with our COVID policy.

Businesses in the Accelerator:

  • Estimate earning $100K-$2M this year via sales of goods or services
  • Have been employing people in a REDF focus population for at least one year
  • Pay hourly wages that meet or exceed local minimum wage standards
  • Currently employ at least five people
  • Have at least two people who operate the enterprise
  • Commit to providing two years of key data to REDF
  • Are based in the US or US territories