100+ hours of professional development tailored to meet the needs of ESE leaders.

Strengthen your business and your program with tools that drive strategy, grow revenue, and increase impact in the following areas:

Deepen your understanding of your products and services, customer demographics and pain points, and unique value proposition in an increasingly competitive landscape. Examine strategies in pricing and customer acquisition and translate learnings into executable experiments through prototypes and customer feedback.

Coursework includes business model canvas, lean marketing playbook, and scaling revenue.

Discover key elements of effective program design, including participant recruitment, best practices in needs assessment, onboarding and training, ways to design a work experience, and wraparound supports. Explore impact measurement and ways in which to integrate employee feedback as key to process improvement.

Coursework includes theory of change, employee success, and partnerships.

Strengthen your financial acumen with deep dives into cost of goods sold, operating expenses, and revenue and cost drivers to better forecast, set and achieve goals, and use finance to drive strategic growth.

Coursework includes double bottom line analysis, unit economics, future planning, and building the financial story that scales.

Crystalize the “what” and “how” of your vision — identify the change you would like to see and the resources required to make it happen — creating a unique call to action that inspires others to support the cause.

Coursework includes goal setting and key performance indicators, talent development, and managing transitions.

Build the capacity of the ESE to achieve greater effectiveness by developing, improving, and reinforcing basic strategies, structures, and processes. Frameworks propel leaders to achieve their goals effectively and efficiently through the planning and directing of resources.  

Coursework includes topics around people management, performance evaluation and delegation.