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Impact Lending

Flexible capital fuels growth

As the employment social enterprise field matures, so does the need for flexible capital to grow, seize new opportunities, and better serve employees.

In response to demand from our employment social enterprise partners, REDF launched its Impact Lending Practice in 2017 to provide an important tool to accelerate the growth of the field. REDF is demonstrating a model for how flexible loan terms combined with technical assistance can improve borrower performance and attract new sources of capital to employment social enterprises.

The REDF Impact Investing Fund (RIIF) is a 501(c)(3) debt fund that provides loan capital and technical assistance to nonprofit and for-profit employment social enterprises. RIIF supports borrowers to improve their financial sustainability and strengthen their businesses so they can employ and empower more individuals striving to chart a new course in life.

In 2020 we formed an Advisory Council of accomplished leaders to help ensure RIIF reflects the diverse voices of the social enterprise movement and the communities we serve.

RIIF is aligned with our existing venture philanthropy portfolio, and targets the following industries: Alternative Staffing, Recycling, Cleaning and Maintenance; Consumer Goods/Retail; Food Services and Manufacturing.


Employment social enterprises that meet the following eligibility criteria are encouraged to contact Emilie Linick, Director of Impact Lending at

  • Three years of operation
  • Current or demonstrated path to profitability with growing profit margins
  • Positive sales growth
  • Strong management track record


For more information about our typical borrower profile and lending process click here.


Audited Financial Statements


IRS Form 990


Loans Closed-to-Date

To date, ten loans totaling over $1.9M have been put to work to accelerate social enterprise growth.

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