Putting our
money where
our values are.

About Us

REDF (The Roberts Enterprise Development Fund) is a pioneering venture philanthropy that is leading a national movement of employment social enterprises—mission-driven, revenue-generating businesses that invest the money they earn into transforming lives. Read more about what makes employment social enterprise so unique and effective.

REDF is distinctive as the only philanthropy in the United States that invests exclusively in social enterprises focused on employment. We provide capital and advice, and connect them to the larger ecosystem. We help measure their impact so they can grow and serve more people.

REDF has one mission: jobs and a better life for millions of people who want to work, but whose histories of homelessness, incarceration, mental health challenges, addiction, and limited education form barriers to getting or keeping a job.

Since 1997, REDF has invested in 183 social enterprises in 26 states. Together, these businesses have employed over 37,700 people and earned $755 million in revenue (and counting). As part of our five-year plan, we have a goal to employ 50,000 people nationwide through social enterprise.

It’s an investment that works—$2.23 in benefits for every $1.00 spent.

We’re honored to contribute to lives transformed, as people find work, and even more than that hope, pride, belonging, and family self-sufficiency. When more people work, we leverage all of the talent available to our country. Families and communities are stronger—and so is our entire society.

REDF invests in and advises high-impact social enterprises to employ and empower people overcoming barriers to work.

REDF is working to build a better, more inclusive society where all people have the jobs and support they need—and the pride, purpose, and path to self-sufficiency they’ve earned.