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Transforming lives one job at a time

Thanks to the vision and generosity of individuals, foundations, businesses, and the federal government, REDF has helped transform tens of thousands of lives, one job at a time. Continuing from the launch of our 2016 five-year $75 million capital campaign, REDF has successfully secured nearly $72 million to ensure that 50,000 men and women striving for a better life have the opportunity to work and to experience greater economic security and mobility.

The investment needed to fuel this movement is $75M. To date, REDF has raised nearly $72M of this goal from:

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Why Support

Your Partnership Allows REDF to:

Identify and select the most effective and promising employment social enterprises
Provide capital and specialized advisory services informed by over 20 years of experience
Develop leaders, share knowledge, facilitate partnerships, and champion public policy
Use data to build the evidence base and increase impact

Learn more about the impact of REDF’s investments and read our 2019 Impact Report.

Our Supporters

From technical assistance to policy reform and valuable public-private partnerships, REDF’s model ensures long-lasting impact for individuals facing barriers to employment.

Daria Sheehan, Senior Program OfficerCiti Foundation

Every dollar invested in REDF not only leads to jobs and income, but also addresses some of the key social determinants of health.

Padmini Parthasarathy, Program DirectorCalifornia Wellness Foundation

The employment social enterprise field is starting to scale, and REDF is accelerating that growth.
REDF’s success in strengthening pathways to obtaining and retaining employment for people overcoming great adversity not only improves health outcomes, it brings hope and a sense of belonging to people when they need it most.

Judy Belk, President and CEOThe California Wellness Foundation

REDF has an impressive track record of working with social enterprises to improve outcomes for people living with barriers to employment—as well as for the communities in which they live and work.

Stacey Faella, Executive DirectorWoodcock Foundation