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Exponential Growth and Impact

Impact Highlights

REDF has evolved from a California-based funder working to build an emerging field to leading a national movement. In 2016, we set an exceptionally ambitious five-year goal―more than 50,000 people empowered with the support, skills, and jobs they need to build a better life. We are proud to have exceeded this goal one year early.

Thanks to the vision and generosity of our donors and funders, since our founding in 1997, REDF has supported the growth and success of over 200 employment social enterprises across 30 states and the District of Columbia. These mission-driven businesses break through barriers, change lives, and prove employment social enterprise is a model that works. Together, they have earned over $1.1 billion in revenue – and employed over 73,000 people and counting.

Since 1997


People employed

$1.1 Billion

Social enterprise revenue earned & reinvested in people and jobs


Every dollar invested in social enterprise generates $2.23 in societal benefits
In the Last Five Years


People employed


New social enterprises supported


States around the country and the District of Columbia

A Bold Plan for a More Inclusive Society
REDF’s 2021-2025 Campaign

The depth of economic and social inequities in our country have been laid bare.
The time for proven, breakthrough solutions is now.

Employment social enterprise is an integral part of creating a more equitable society where all people can contribute their talents – so we’ve set our sights on a bigger, bolder goal.  

Over the next five years we will accelerate the growth and impact of the ESE sector, leading to a thriving and inclusive economy. By increase our capital investment in ESEs, providing specialized capacity building consulting that amplifies our investments, strengthening ESE leadership, and catalyzing public and private sector support and partnerships, REDF will increase demand for this cost-effective solution.

Our strategic plan includes commitments to advance racial equity in our programs and within our organization, with the goal of increasing our investments in ESEs led by people of color and those with lived experience. And we are prioritizing approaches that lead to higher incomes for ESE graduates and generate more equitable outcomes across race.

Now is the time to take the employment social enterprise solution to scale. Join us!

Why Support

Your Partnership Empowers REDF to:

Identify and select the most effective and promising employment social enterprises
Provide capital, capacity building, and community informed by over 20 years of experience
Develop leaders, share knowledge, facilitate partnerships, and champion public policy
Use data to build the evidence base and increase impact

Learn more about the impact of REDF’s investments and explore our 2016-2020 Impact Report.

Our Supporters

The Annie E. Casey Foundation has made multi-year investments in REDF as a result of its laser focus on scaling high-quality employment-related social enterprises. REDF exemplifies what high-performing intermediaries can do by providing capital, specialized technical assistance and field-building networks to accelerate market-driven results for both nonprofits and workers.

Bob Giloth, Vice President, Center for Economic OpportunityThe Annie E. Casey Foundation

The James Irvine Foundation is proud to be in partnership with REDF as part of our Better Careers Initiative. The social enterprises REDF invests in are exemplars that other employers are learning from as they open their doors to hiring and promoting the workforce of the future.

Kelley D. Gulley, Initiative DirectorThe James Irvine Foundation

Many people of color and other disadvantaged Americans were systemically prevented from fully participating in the “American Dream” for centuries. The social enterprises supported by REDF, and its loan fund RIIF (the REDF Impact Investing Fund) help them break through those barriers through job training and enterprise development. As a business leader who believes in the power of an inclusive economy, I consider it a privilege and sound social investment to financially support REDF’s work, and I encourage others to do the same.
REDF has an impressive track record of working with social enterprises to improve outcomes for people living with barriers to employment—as well as for the communities in which they live and work.

Stacey Faella, Executive DirectorWoodcock Foundation

REDF’s success in strengthening pathways to obtaining and retaining employment for people overcoming great adversity not only improves health outcomes, it brings hope and a sense of belonging to people when they need it most.

Judy Belk, President and CEOThe California Wellness Foundation