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REDF Partners Receive Top Ratings

The type of social enterprise businesses REDF invests in provide life-changing jobs and supportive services to men and women striving to build a better life. They are mission-driven, double, and sometimes triple bottom line businesses who operate, and thrive, in the competitive marketplace, despite the fact that their entire workforce moves on and up with regularity as frequent as every few months.

The impact is impressive for sure. But consumers don’t give social enterprise businesses a pass just because they are “doing good”. They have to deliver on quality.

And the good news is, social enterprises do. But don’t take our word for it.

Recently REDF partnered with Social Nature, a product review platform that helps socially conscious brands learn and get candid feedback from 250,000 people around the country who are part of their product-evaluation community.

This type of market research is critical to helping all types of brands succeed, but especially socially conscious products that have to find the sweet spot between mission and profit. As Tamra Ryan, the leader of Women’s Bean Project shared on this blog, “….the better our business does, the better our mission is served.” The challenge is that this type of consumer research is costly. That’s why REDF provided three of our social enterprise partners, who sell products direct to consumers, with the opportunity to be reviewed on Social Nature as part of our strategic support.

The reviews are in and they are glowing!

REDF partner products received an average 4.7/5 star rating, making them some of the highest rated products ever reviewed on Social Nature!

Consumers who sampled Amish Rainbow Popcorn from Women’s Bean Project loved the unique taste and color of the kernels.

Pearla R. enthusiastically shared, “This popcorn is so good! It is truly unique and filled with yummy flavors! I want to eat more and more! It is a great snack for the family to have anytime. Thanks for allowing me to try it.”

Jen L. said, “This colorful popcorn was fun to make and eat, and so delicious with the seasoning that came with it. I would definitely purchase it for my family!”

Kathryn K. gushed, “I love this beautiful blend of popcorn! The company and their mission to support women in their community makes every bite of organic kernels taste even better.

And when it comes to lighting up your life, reviewers who sampled Bright Endeavors candles adored the scents and the mood the candles created.

Julie C. said, “I love the scent. I love the container. I love the shape. Thank you so much for letting me experience this wonderful scent. My house smells amazing!

Brandy T, was emphatic! “I absolutely loved this soy candle, I put it next to my reading chair in my reading nook!! It has a very relaxing refreshing scent. I will definitely buy these in the future.”

As was Kristina G. “I absolutely LOVED this candle!!! I love the smell & I love the way it looks on my kitchen counter! I will want to try this candle in many other scents. Thank you!!!”

The glowing reviews didn’t stop there. Pet owners who gave their furry friends Lindy & Company gourmet dog treats, told us their pets gave them two paws up! 

“My dogs LOVE this product. I have recommended several times. When I open the package they come running! They both sit up and beg for one! – Vicki M.

“I tried the chicken crisps. My dog absolutely loved them. Had great texture, easy to chew, yet not so flakey he left a mess. I love that they are grain free & so good for him. Thanks!” – Becca H.

“My lil baby puppy loved these!! They were great treats that she seemed excited to get and ate quickly. Will definitely be buying as our regular treat now.” – Megan L.

With more than 400 narrative reviews and data, we were able to provide valuable feedback to our partners who will use this information to help drive sales, and in turn create more job training opportunities for Americans striving for a better future.

Now that’s a cause everyone can get behind.

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