Profit and

Scaling an Approach that Works

Social enterprises are double-bottom line businesses that sell quality goods and services, and reinvest their revenue so they can hire and support more people who otherwise would be excluded from the job market. Employees of social enterprises are overcoming formidable challenges—like homelessness, incarceration, mental health and substance use struggles, and limited education—and are ready and willing to contribute, they just need that first step back into the workforce, and the support, to help them succeed.

REDF is the only venture philanthropy in the U.S. that invests exclusively in the growth of social enterprises focused on employment.

Since 1997, REDF has provided seed and growth capital and specialized advisory services to over 100 social enterprises in California, which have earned and reinvested in their businesses more than $227 million in revenue and employed 18,000 people, helping spending for government programs go further while improving lives and communities.

Now REDF is expanding the impact of its work nationally, building the field of social enterprise, deepening the evidence base to demonstrate the return on investment, and partnering with some of the most effective and innovative social enterprises around the country to strengthen their business, scale their impact, and help tens of thousands more people transform their lives and futures.