In Good Company: Connecting People with Possibilities, Jerelyn Rodriguez, The Knowledge House

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“You can be successful and not leave your hometown.” Social entrepreneur Jerelyn Rodriguez credits her resiliency and passion to her community in the Bronx — and has made it her business to give back to the place that shaped her. 

When Jerelyn entered the REDF Accelerator in 2019, her technology employment social enterprise, The Knowledge House (TKH), was five years old. Born out of a desire to ensure that her neighbors benefitted from well-paying careers in the technology industry — and from her experience working in education — TKH closes the gaps in the education-to-employment pipeline.

Students at TKH receive training in coding and design, and then gain paid, on-the-job training by providing product development and digital services to small businesses and entrepreneurs. TKH’s profit powers its purpose – by offering digital services to paying customers, they’re able to continue investing in training programs and in their graduates. 

We proudly stand #InGoodCompany with Jerelyn and The Knowledge House — backing their success with grant capital, customized capacity building support, and a national community of peers seeking to provide opportunities to those breaking through barriers to employment. Join us at