Five Reasons You Should Know About Employment Social Enterprises

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The local coffee shop. A hot new fitness studio. Your go-to gift shop. 

Employment social enterprises are powering good in communities each and every day. These businesses were built to hire, train, and support our neighbors entering the workforce after experiences like incarceration or homelessness. 

They’re the best kept secret to building a more inclusive economy — and it’s time you knew about them. 

1. They exist across the country.

There are over 700 employment social enterprises located in states across the country. That means there’s likely one operating in a community near you, creating transformational change in your backyard each and every day. 

2. They make some of your favorite products!

Coffee, candles, clothing, and more — employment social enterprises make great products that you’ll love using

3. They employ tens of thousands of people.

Today, the notion of inclusive employment is urgent and in vogue. Employment social enterprises were the original inclusive employer. They employ and provide training and support to tens of thousands of people breaking through barriers to employment. 

4. They work.

Independent research verifies that the on-the-job experience that ESEs provide their employees more than doubles job retention and significantly increases wages and total incomes. In turn, these gains support economic security and asset-building, particularly for communities of color, and reduced rates of homelessness, recidivism, and incarceration.

5. They’re vital to building a more inclusive workforce, more inclusive communities, and a more inclusive economy. 

Despite the drive to succeed, 10 million Americans are sidelined from opportunity. They face steep barriers to work because of experiences like incarceration and homelessness. At employment social enterprises, they access good jobs, hands-on training, and wraparound support so they can find their next good and build a bright future. Our economy works best when it works for everyone — and employment social enterprises are doing the work to make that vision a reality. 

Now that you know about the power of employment social enterprises, shop social, spread the word, and join our movement.