LA:RISE - Los Angeles Regional Initiative for Social Enterprise

The Challenge
Despite a strong economy and historically low unemployment rates, thousands of Angeleno’s are shut out of the workforce. People with high employment barriers including histories of homelessness, incarceration, and opportunity youth, have a lot to offer, but they need specialized support in order to succeed. Just like you and me, these striving men and women want to be valued and contribute to our communities.

A Collaborative Solution: LA:RISE
LA:RISE is an innovative partnership that unites the City and County of Los Angeles to help people with high employment barriers get jobs, stay employed, and build a better life.

LA:RISE connects employment social enterprises to the Workforce System, supportive services, and employers, thereby creating an integrated system that allows all partners to bring their expertise and resources to the table. LA:RISE is demonstrating that a public-private partnership can help solve some of society’s biggest challenges and improve lives for all Angelenos

Over 2,500 participants have been placed into transitional subsidized employment and received support services.
Over 1,100 participants have been placed into competitive unsubsidized employment and receive retention services.
Over 2,000 participants have been co-enrolled in WIOA to receive job readiness resources.

Join us!
Help build a society where all people have the jobs and support they need—and the pride, purpose, and path to self-sufficiency they’ve earned.

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LA:RISE - How It Works