Use your business skills for good.

The Farber Fellowship is a consulting-like engagement that gives fellows the opportunity and autonomy to make a significant impact at a social enterprise in REDF’s Portfolio, over the course of one summer.

In ten weeks, Farber Fellows:

  • Deepen their understanding of the employment social enterprise field and its role in building a more inclusive economy Learn from REDF’s 25+ years of experience in venture philanthropy through multiple in-person learning sessions
  • Gain on-the-ground experience in a social enterprise and insight into the role of venture philanthropy and impact investing
  • Complete a critical business project that can have a lasting impact on the operations of a social enterprise
  • Work closely with senior social enterprise leaders and REDF staff in the execution of this project
  • Become a part of a connected, collaborative cohort of dedicated MBA students from across the country

Farber Projects often take on the gnarly challenges an entrepreneur is too swamped to tackle. We structure these projects so that what you do gives the entrepreneur the bandwidth and the guiding light to address a critical need for the businesses.

In each project, you will:

  • Start with an established scope of work and work directly with the enterprise to refine and direct the work for the summer
  • Understand the current state operating environment for your enterprise and the challenges unique to this model
  • Frame decision points and analyze data to support entrepreneurs in making decisions
  • Present your project work, findings, and impact to their leadership and ours

Previous projects have included everything from feasibility studies to program design to strategy development. Learn more by reading the alumni blogs.

Farber Fellows are paid $14,000 for 10 weeks from June 3* through August 9. We understand that our compensation may not be as competitive as what you may secure in the private sector**, so we want to emphasize the differentiators of our program. You’ll have:

  • Access to subject matter experts who nerd out on all things social enterprise
  • Proximity to entrepreneurs — many of whom are founders with the lived expertise of whom they employ — who have dedicated their careers to this work
  • A clear sightline to the impact your work can have on the mission of building a more inclusive economy
  • A community of friends and colleagues who can be part of your permanent network

* If an academic calendar ends past the start date, we can adjust.
** Many programs have funds that can supplement the salaries of fellows, if that is a barrier.

We expect to hire at least 10 interns, individually placed across our portfolio. Decisions regarding placement are based on project needs and the candidate’s background, skills, and experience. We also ask candidates for their preferences during the interview process and take those into account whenever possible. For 2024, interns will have the option to work remotely, move to their placement city and work on-site, or work from our offices in San Francisco or Los Angeles. Regardless of their decision, REDF will fund a trip to visit your social enterprise.