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In Good Company

Be In Good Company

In each friend group, there’s that one person who steps up as the sun – the one whose energy brings the rest of the crew together, the one whose spidey sense is uncanny in its reach, the one who is confident all major disputes can be settled by a dance-off.

The one with whom we all want to be in good company.

When the first wave of COVID restrictions were just starting to ease, the sun of my solar system boldly declared that she was going to run up and down her street and hug every single person within a mile radius.

We talked her down from that goal, but she wasn’t alone in her feelings.

The hunger for deep human connection beyond the scrim of a zoom room was and remains palpable.

We all just want to be in good company: to know that we’re not alone, to feel that we’re in this together, to sense that even when the world breaks a little bit, the company around us can join forces, for good.

In that spirit, over the coming months, we’ll be sharing with you what it means to us to be in good company – with social entrepreneurs, with the talent they’re lucky enough to hire, and with the employers, legislators, and consumers who put their power into the principle that our economy works best when it works for everyone.

The time is now for this conversation to come alive. If we’ve learned anything in these past two+ years, we crave social proximity, not social distance. We crave agency in building back the inclusion we want, not the inequities we got. We crave what becomes possible when we live, work, play, and be in good company with each other.

Here’s how you can help:

    • As an employee, be curious. Examine whether the practices to source talent are as inclusive as they can be. Look behind you and around you to see who’s left out of your workplace. Use your voice to ask questions and open doors to those who’ve historically been boxed out.
    • Learn about employment social enterprises in your community. If you hire, learn about the employment social enterprises in your community and how you can lock arms in creating greater pipelines for talent. These enterprises are the unsung heroes – the frontline workers who keep our cities and spaces clean, safe, fed, healthy, and vibrant. Their tenacity within and before COVID is unparalleled, and their wells of talent are profound.
    • As you consume, consume intentionally. Play favorites to those businesses who prioritize creating jobs for overlooked talent. When you buy special somethings for your special someone, buy social. Your consumption can help one person feel the joy that becomes possible through the power of work.

And if you can give, join us by contributing any amount to this campaign so we may help create and sustain more jobs for overlooked talent throughout our country.

In this campaign, I can’t promise any dance-offs, but I can promise that you’ll find inspiration, activation, and a deep feeling of connection if you join in.

Let us know what you think and thank you for being in good company with us. We are stronger, and reach higher, for it.

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