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Author: Visceral_Dev_Admin

More Than Just a Great Cook

Dale knows how to make delicious food, but what makes him special is that he’s a true “people” person. This made him the perfect fit for the cook/volunteer supervisor position at Lifelong, a nonprofit that offers many services including providing fresh food to people with HIV, homebound seniors, and people living with serious illness. To … Continue reading More Than Just a Great Cook

From Practitioner to Portfolio Manager

REDF is committed to developing social enterprise leaders. Portfolio Manager Nicole Ballin talks about her path from social enterprise co-founder to REDF, and why she’s committed to supporting emerging social enterprise talent.   I have seen first-hand how challenging it is to build a social enterprise. After graduating from UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business, … Continue reading From Practitioner to Portfolio Manager

Technical Assistance Delivers Results

Specialized, hands-on technical assistance helps employment social enterprises increase their impact. Regional Partnerships & Technical Assistance Manager Kristen Green shares how her experience working at an employment social enterprise influences her work at REDF.  My favorite days at work are the quarterly LA:RISE (Los Angeles Regional Initiative for Social Enterprise) Academy meetings. We gather all … Continue reading Technical Assistance Delivers Results

Delivering on Good Data

Data collection and evaluation enables smart business decision-making. Business Analyst Yon Jimenez-Macuso talks about the value in good data collection, the challenges social enterprises face in evaluating data, and what motivates him in his work.   For over a decade, I have worked in nonprofit data and evaluation, first in my home country of Spain … Continue reading Delivering on Good Data