Los Angeles Conservation Corps

The Los Angeles Conservation Corps is an environmentally focused youth development nonprofit organization. By offering paid work experience on green community projects and innovative after-school, secondary, and vocational education programs, LACC strives to build resilience in the youth and young adults of Los Angeles and in the neighborhoods they call home.

Target Population: Opportunity Youth, Age 18-24

Industry/Positions: Land Management, Energy, Construction, Manufacturing/Transportation, Zero Waste

Transitional Duration: 12-24 months

Location(s): Various Locations

Intake Address:1400 N. Spring Street Los Angeles, CA 90012

Contact: Maria Cortez, mcortez@lacorps.org, (323) 224-2550 ext. 538

Districts/Area: City Council District 9, County Supervisor District 1, Service Planning Area 6




  • 2015: LA:RISE Partner
  • 2021-2022: SNAP TA Partner
  • 2024-2026: Growth Portfolio Member