Samantha works on the Government Partnerships and Policy Team, focusing on all things SNAP Employment & Training, including Skill Up Los Angeles and the USDA National Training Partnership grant. She works to identify and cultivate strategic relationships with government agencies at local, state, and federal levels while engaging REDF’s ESE network to build and/or enhance SNAP E&T programs.

Samantha’s journey to REDF has been shaped by a broad career in public policy and extensive experience in government relations. In previous roles, she established relationships with government entities in the SNAP and SNAP E&T world, collaborating with program administrators and policymakers to develop innovative solutions and advocate for policies promoting workforce development, economic opportunity, and social inclusion. She began her career at Evergreen Goodwill in Seattle, Washington, where she built their SNAP E&T program and helped it grow for over a decade. She expanded her focus during her time with Seattle Jobs Initiative as a SNAP E&T senior consultant. Observing the influence of public-private partnerships and recognizing our ability to shape policies that cultivate change and create human-centered programs solidified her dedication to this work. She shares, “I wholeheartedly believe that our programs are only as good as those whom we intend to serve say they are. I feel that sentiment woven through REDF’s work and philosophy, too.”

Outside of work, Samantha finds joy in volunteering at the Seattle Animal Shelter and spending time in nature.