Nicole joined REDF in early 2014 and led the expansion of REDF’s venture philanthropy portfolio to national scale. As portfolio director, Nicole was responsible for the growth and performance of the portfolio of 22 social enterprises which employed over 25,000 individuals in 5 years. As vice president of programs, Nicole was responsible for REDF’s data and learning function at REDF, overseeing the creation and maintenance of data collection and analysis systems, and managing relationships with third-party program evaluators. From 2008-2014, Nicole worked for Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF), as director of advisory services, helping the small west coast office significantly scale its business, team, and profitability.

Nicole has a BFA from NYU and an MBA from the University of Wisconsin. Currently as REDF’s senior principal of Programs, Nicole works on conducting strategic innovation pilots and on creating content and curriculum for use across REDF program areas.