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Harris Barton

Board Member

As the founder and managing director of H. Barton Asset Management, Harris Barton actively manages a $30 million fund that specializes in providing investment capital to up-and-coming VC-backed technology startups. Prior to H. Barton Asset Management, Mr. Barton was a founding partner of HRJ Capital, an investment firm specializing in private equity funds.

Mr. Barton became a private equity investor during his football career, where as an All-Pro offensive lineman for the San Francisco 49ers he earned three Super Bowl wins. Today, he brings the same passion, dedication and teamwork to both his financial and philanthropic endeavors. In 2004, Mr. Barton founded Champion Charities with his friend and former NFL teammate Ronnie Lott. Dedicated to eradicating brain cancer and helping those afflicted with the disease, the charity has raised more than $7 million for research and patient care. Embracing his mantra of “always give back,” Mr. Barton also focuses his energy on helping and inspiring disadvantaged youth through motivational speeches, volunteer programs and fundraising events. Mr. Barton holds a BA in Finance from the University of North Carolina.

Harris joined REDF’s Board in 2007.