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Social enterprise is good for business

Corporate Partnerships

REDF is proud to partner with forward-thinking organizations and corporations who are leading the way in social impact hiring and responsible procurement practices. These innovative businesses not only focus on hiring and buying from social enterprises but also in creating enriching pro-bono consulting and strategic investment opportunities that impact their employees and communities.

Impact Hiring

Our national network of vetted social enterprises provide people overcoming employment barriers the support, training, and skills they need to succeed in the competitive job market. By hiring from employment social enterprise, businesses reap the benefits, including:

  • Highly-motivated, diverse talent pool
  • Greater employee loyalty and retention
  • Equal or better employee performance
  • Credits and subsidies


Social Enterprises provide:

  • Front-line positions in warehousing, facilities management, manufacturing, retail, food service, administrative work, and more
  • Customized training/staffing (direct hire placements,train-to-hire, temp-to-hire)
  • Ongoing retention supports and incentives provided by social enterprises
  • Referrals to an extensive national network of enterprises and partners

A Supply Chain That’s Also a Value Chain

Purchasing from employment social enterprises provides multiple benefits including high-quality goods and services that are competitively priced and helping to change lives, while building your brand and consumer loyalty.

Pro-Bono Advising

Increasingly, employees are looking to their employers to help them apply their skills outside the workplace to do good. REDF can help. We match corporate offers of assistance with social enterprises that will benefit from that expertise, helping increase employee loyalty and professional development opportunities.


Providing funds to REDF for our advisory services and/or capital investment in employment social enterprise allows you to make a strategic investment with a proven social return: $2.23 in benefits to society for every $1 invested in social enterprise.

Regional Partnerships

LA:RISE is an example of a regional public/private partnership facilitated by REDF that connects employment social enterprises to the workforce system, supportive services, and employers, allowing all partners to bring their expertise and resources to the table. In places like the SF Bay Area and the Seattle region where REDF funds a significant number of social enterprises, REDF is fostering partnerships to accelerate the growth and impact of the field on a regional scale.

For More Information

Are you an employer who wants to hire and/or procure from employment social enterprises? A supporter who wants to know who REDF partners with? Click here to see our national reach. For more information, please contact Raquel Mata, Development Manager.

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