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CRCD Enterprises

CRCD Enterprises hires graduates from CRCD’s Youth Academy and Work Source Center. Over ten years of operation, the company has evolved to provide training and apprenticeships for residents of South LA, teaching skills that will enable workers to grow in their positions and sustain a standard of living above the all-too-common poverty levels in the neighborhood.

CRCD’s first loan supported business growth and equipment purchases, and positioned CRCD Enterprises to employ 20 incremental workers in 12 months for a total of 120 annually.  After successfully paying off this first loan, a $400k working capital loan will fund a full-time project estimator and project manager, and provide working capital for CRCD to bid and compete for larger construction contracts which require significant upfront expenses, primarily in the form of prevailing wages for contract labor and job materials. During the life of the loan, CRCD expects to hire 900+ employees.