Thanks for visiting REDF’s new website! – Carla Javits

A national conversation about income inequality and economic mobility is quickly taking shape in the U.S.  President Obama tied these two themes together in a recent speech about the urgency of narrowing the economic divide. At REDF, we have tackled income inequality by focusing on job creation and employment for those who face the greatest barriers. Our country, our communities and our families are stronger when everyone participates in our economy —  including those who many assume are a permanent part of the long-term unemployed.

One thing REDF has learned definitively since its founding in 1997 is that when given a chance, men and women of all ages who have been outside of the workforce are in fact eager and able to go to work.  Our vision – that everyone, everywhere should have a chance to work – has been reinforced as we see what happens when we make good on that promise.

We’ve backed our entrepreneurial partners to create jobs by funding them and providing business expertise to help them start and grow social enterprises that are making a real impact every day in people’s lives.

Our new website will help us do even more.

We see this website as a tool to inform, educate and empower. Here’s what you can expect to see:

Our Results and Stories of Impact:  REDF has always emphasized the importance of measuring impact and doubling down on what works.  This site shows our latest results and how creating jobs can make a difference for individuals and their communities.  We also take you behind the numbers and share inspiring stories of the people whose lives have been transformed through employment.

Testimonials from Leaders and Partners. Read compelling profiles about social enterprise practitioners and how they’re growing their businesses to have greater impact on the lives of those they serve.

Our Partners:  REDF knows that to grow social enterprise and employ thousands more people, we need to connect the dots and develop partnerships with community leaders, businesses, funders and government.

This New Blog. We’ll post regularly on this page and share stories of impact along with additional information about our efforts. Be sure to keep checking in.

And so much more!

Visiting REDF’s website shows that you believe that the opportunity to work should be available to everyone – everywhere. We hope you’ll bookmark our page and continue to visit to learn even more about our work.

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