REDF Adds to its California Social Enterprise Portfolio: Selects Goodwill of Silicon Valley to Receive Social Innovation Fund Subgrants


April 1, 2013

REDF Adds to its California Social Enterprise Portfolio: Selects Goodwill of Silicon Valley to Receive Social Innovation Fund Subgrants

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (April 1, 2013) – REDF has selected Goodwill of Silicon Valley (GWSV) to join its portfolio of California social enterprises. With this addition, REDF is now supporting ten nonprofit organizations in California to create jobs that offer the opportunity to work to thousands of people who would otherwise be unemployed because they face significant barriers to employment. REDF’s support is fueled by the $6 million in federal dollars it received from the Social Innovation Fund—an innovative grantmaking program of the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS)—and private support from foundations and individuals that match the federal dollars 2:1.

Goodwill of Silicon Valley was established in Santa Clara County in 1926, to move individuals and families from poverty to prosperity. GWSV is part of Goodwill Industries International, a federation of over 200 autonomous Goodwill organizations worldwide. Building on their retail presence of 19 regional stores, Goodwill of Silicon Valley has created a successful social enterprise model, creating opportunities for low-income individuals who face a variety of barriers to employment to gain skills and receive the support services necessary to achieve self-sufficiency.

REDF and GWSV will work together to grow GWSV’s existing social enterprises and strengthen the support services it provides to its social enterprise employees. REDF and GWSV will partner to expand their recently launched online book store as well as their contract manufacturing business in addition to helping create more durable linkages with private sector employers to aid in the successful transition of employees from GWSV’s social enterprises to the broader workforce.

“We are extremely pleased with the addition of Goodwill of Silicon Valley to the REDF Portfolio,” said Carla Javits, REDF’s President. “In addition to Goodwill’s stellar reputation in the Valley, they are a leader within the Goodwill family. We look forward to taking the lessons we learn from our work together to inform the national network of Goodwill’s and others who are creating jobs and pathways to employment for people facing the greatest barriers to work.”

Since its founding in 1997 by George R. Roberts of KKR, REDF has helped 7,500 people in California move into the workforce by providing grants and business assistance to social enterprises—nonprofit-run businesses that create jobs and employ individuals who are overcoming chronic poverty, homelessness, criminal history, substance abuse or mental illness. Seventy-seven percent of social enterprise individuals interviewed two years later were still working and their wages had increased by nearly a third. The social enterprises that REDF has supported have earned more than $135 million in revenues.

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