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Program Manager

San Francisco or Los Angeles

In this newly-crafted position, you will have a chance to significantly increase REDF’s footprint by deepening our existing relationships with dozens of social enterprises across the country. These social enterprises are all alumni of the national programs we offer — venture philanthropy portfolio, loan portfolio, and business accelerator. You will build relationships with these organizations to identify their ongoing needs, provide support via REDF resources, or connect them to partner organizations. One of the primary ways we engage with this group of organizations is through our annual Partner Retreat. There, we bring together over 100 social enterprise leaders for three days of content, professional development, and networking opportunities. You will oversee all aspects of the event — content, design, structure, and execution to deliver an unparalleled experience where these incredible leaders feel valued and celebrated for their contributions to the field. Through both relationship-building and learnings from the Retreat, REDF will be looking to you to help answer the following question that informs our strategy for 2021 and beyond – how can REDF better support the leaders who are trying to grow social enterprises? Read on to learn more!