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Author: Visceral_Dev_Admin

REDF Accelerator

The REDF Accelerator brings together 18 passionate leaders from social enterprises across the country to share best practices, gain tactical advice and problem solve to improve their businesses and long-term employment success for the individuals they serve.

Cool Under Pressure

Christmas 2018 at Costco was the busiest time of the year—real fir trees were selling for only $25 compared to $60 at a local competitor and they were selling fast. It took two people to carry one tree, leaving fewer staff to cover other positions. Luckily, Xavier had a game plan. He suggested to his … Continue reading Cool Under Pressure

Designing a New Career

About 10 women sit around the table for the weekly Monday night meeting at Rebel Nell, an employment social enterprise jewelry business located in Detroit that is a current REDF strategic grantee and an Accelerator alumni. The chatter dies down as the women turn to face Karen, one of the “old school Rebel Nell” participants … Continue reading Designing a New Career