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L.A. Rise Partner

GRID Alternatives

The GRID Alternatives Greater Los Angeles (GLA) office opened in 2007 and serves Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura Counties.  What we do is simple – using a volunteer model, we install solar electric systems for families in underserved communities at no-cost.  Our impact however, is tremendous. Through this simple act, we are able to provide families a long-term solution to high energy bills, and offer community members hands-on experience that can help them obtain employment in the rapidly growing solar industry, all while producing clean energy and reducing carbon emissions. Here in Los Angeles we work with a wide variety of partners to accomplish our unique triple bottom line of people, planet, employment.  We partner with local municipalities, corporations and foundations to provide the systems; businesses and community and technical colleges to provide job training; and nonprofit organizations, affordable housing providers, and other community organizations to reach the families we serve.

Target Population: Opportunity Youth, Veterans, Formerly Incarcerated

Eligibility: Ability to lift 50lbs or more, fall into one of our target populations, desire and willingness to learn and start a career in renewable energy or related industries.

Industry/Positions: Renewable Energy, Solar

Transitional Duration: 3 months

Location(s): South Park, Los Angeles

Contact: (310) 735-9782

District/Area: City Council District 14, Service Planning Area 4