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Today, millions of people in the US striving for a better life are denied that opportunity due to histories of


Our society is full of challenges we can't seem to solve

This one we can

The Solution

With the help of employment social enterprises (ESEs), people are overcoming these barriers to employment, and:

gaining new skills developing a work history building confidence finding community achieving stability fulfilling aspirations

To build a more inclusive economy, we need to invest in and grow the ESE sector.

This investment works.


Every $1.00 invested in employment social enterprise results in $2.23 in benefits to society.

$1 Billion

In ESE revenue earned and reinvested in people & jobs since 1997.

When more people contribute their talents to the economy, everyonewins.
George R. Roberts, Chairman and Founder of Redf

REDF set out to prove ESEs can help solve some of society’s biggest challenges at scale. With tens of millions of dollars in grants and loans, and specialized business consulting to amplify impact, our investments have helped over 50,000 people join the workforce.

50,000 +

fresh starts.

Employmentsocialenterprises invest in the potential of people and harness the power ofcommunity when it’s needed most.

What's Next

A more inclusive economy, powered by more ESEs.

Over the next five years, REDF’s goal is to increase investments in the ESE sector and catalyze its growth, sustainability, and impact.