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REDF’s diverse community of supporters make everything possible.

Thanks to the vision and generosity of individuals, foundations, businesses, and the federal government, REDF has helped transform tens of thousands of lives, one job at a time. In 2016, REDF launched its 2020 Campaign to raise $75 million over 5 years, which will ensure that 50,000 men and women with the most challenging histories have the opportunity to work and to experience greater economic security and mobility.

REDF works with investment partners to close the gap between social enterprises and their capital needs. The goal is to develop a robust capital market for the unique needs and opportunities of the social enterprise industry. These partners include individuals, foundations, companies, and public agencies.

To view our 2017 Impact Report, click here. To learn more about supporting REDF’s work, please contact jyoung@redf.org.

REDF helps provide a second chance for people who may have stumbled at some point in life and now face barriers to employment. Please join us in this important work helping people across the country to work and contribute. Your participation makes a meaningful and lasting difference.

- Charles R. Schwab, Founder and Chairman of the Charles Schwab Corporation

As part of our commitment to improve financial lives, we’re advancing economic mobility through partnerships that will help build thriving communities. We’ve had a longstanding partnership with REDF in order to connect individuals with barriers to employment to jobs and we’re thrilled to be part of REDF’s national expansion to assist those re-entering the workforce, including the homeless and formerly incarcerated. We’ve seen a multiplier effect from our investments in social enterprises and believe this work helps individuals and families advance along the economic continuum while helping to scale successful purpose-driven businesses, all of which creates stronger local economies.

- Kerry H. Sullivan, President, Bank of America Charitable Foundation

REDF has an impressive track record of working with social enterprises to improve outcomes for people living with barriers to employment— as well as for the communities in which they live and work. We’re proud to be supporting REDF’s capital campaign and are eager to see its measurement-driven approach implemented at scale.

- Stacey Faella, Executive Director, Woodcock Foundation

It is a privilege to serve on REDF’s board, and contribute to its life changing work. As an experienced investor, I am attracted to REDF’s focus on achieving the highest social return for people striving for a better life. Social enterprise has a tremendous multiplier effect, reducing dependence on public funds, increasing self-reliance, and building a more inclusive society.

- Jesse Rogers, Altamont Capital Partners

The California Wellness Foundation invests in REDF because their work advances health and wellness for thousands of men and women. REDF’s success in strengthening pathways to obtaining and retaining employment for people overcoming great adversity not only improves health outcomes, it brings hope and a sense of belonging to people when they need it most. We’re thrilled to be a partner to REDF in this important work.

- Judy Belk, President and CEO, The California Wellness Foundation