Farber Internship

The Farber Internship is a consulting-like engagement that gives you the opportunity and autonomy to have a real impact at a social enterprise in REDF’s national Portfolio. You’ll spend 10 weeks immersed in the business of changing lives and understanding what it takes to successfully run a social enterprise. Farber Interns are placed at the center of daily operations, working on projects like a feasibility analysis for a new business line or creating an e-commerce growth strategy, while getting hands-on experience alongside the people working and training at the social enterprise. Learn More >>>

REDF Accelerator

The REDF Accelerator is a unique program providing training, support, and community for a cohort of talented leaders running employment-focused social enterprises. In addition to learning from REDF’s 20+ years of experience, Fellows provide each other with experience-based solutions, peer mentorship, and invaluable inspiration.

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    • To hear more about the experience from alumni, check out this video featuring some members of our third cohort.