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Robyn Williams

Senior Manager, Human Resources

Robyn Williams is a Senior Human Resource Manager at REDF, where she is focused on elevating HR operations and driving impactful change within the organization. Her work also includes compensation management, professional development, performance management, and enhancing the hiring process. 

Robyn’s journey to REDF was inspired by her deep passion for doing meaningful work that has a tangible impact on communities. Her undergraduate experience at Dillard University, where she overcame the challenges posed by Hurricane Katrina, instilled within her a drive and persistence to achieve her goals and support her community. 

Prior to joining REDF, Robyn led full-cycle recruitment and talent management efforts at organizations such as Google X, Visa, and Meta, where she provided scalable solutions, gained valuable insights, and nurtured strong connections with talented individuals. 

In her free time, Robyn has a genuine zest for life, finding joy in exploring diverse cuisines, enjoying various melodies, and embarking on new adventures. These activities bring balance and fulfillment to her life.