Putting our
money where
our beliefs are.

& Values

Since 1997, REDF, a California-based nonprofit, has led the pioneering effort to create jobs and employment opportunities for people facing the greatest barriers to work—like young people who’ve dropped out of school, people who’ve been in prison or homeless, and those who live with mental health disabilities.  We believe the opportunity to work should be available to everyone, everywhere. We know the power jobs can have in transforming lives and communities.

We work at the intersection where market forces meet social impact. It’s an idea introduced by George R. Roberts, one of the founders of KKR, a leading private equity firm. In 1997, Roberts started REDF to put his own money to work to end persistent joblessness and launched what would become known as venture philanthropy.

We’re funders and business experts who provide money, know-how, and networks to help build social enterprises, mission-driven businesses focused on hiring and assisting people who are willing and able to work, but have the hardest time getting jobs.  And we’ve helped thousands of people in California get jobs and find hope.

Now we’re taking best practices learned from over 18 years of experience to scale the impact of social enterprise nationally and help tens of thousands more people work, contribute their many talents to our community, and build a better future for us all.