Together we’re stronger.

Field and Ecosystem Building

A sector is only as strong as the organizations and people that are part of it. REDF’s strategy to build the field includes fostering a community of practitioners and providing them with best-practices and resources to help them grow and sustain their businesses, helping to develop future social enterprise leaders, and catalyzing national efforts to create and champion supportive public policies.

Field Building

Led by REDF, SE4Jobs is a national network of social enterprises dedicated to preparing people who are overcoming employment barriers with the jobs, training, and support they need to succeed. SE4Jobs delivers information, tools, and resources to help social enterprise drive revenue, grow their business, and transform lives through employment.

REDFworkshop is a unique online platform to build the employment social enterprise movement. Offering informative learning modules and video interviews, a robust toolkit for business development, and a way to connect with the field, provides employment social enterprises the resources they need to build their businesses and increase their impact.

Building the Social Enterprise Ecosystem

Nature requires a healthy ecosystem in order to thrive. Social enterprise systems are no different.

Regionally, REDF works to build social enterprise ecosystems by partnering social enterprises with local government, philanthropy, business, and nonprofit champions to focus around a common goal of creating sustained employment opportunities for those who face barriers to work. Aligned with our national expansion, REDF is building social enterprise ecosystems in the regions where our new portfolio of grantees do business.

The prototype for work is already taking place in California. LA:RISE is an integrated, wrap-around approach to employment and jobs in Los Angeles that unites the City of LA’s Workforce Development System with social enterprises, businesses, and specialized service providers with the goal of improving employment outcomes.