REDF Strategic Approach

We Invest in Social Enterprises

REDF makes grants to some of the most effective and innovative social enterprises around the country, and we provide specialized, hands-on, multi-year advisory services to help their businesses grow, and their employees thrive.

REDF’s Specialized Advisory Services

Depending on the challenges and goals facing the social enterprise, our services might include helping them refine their business model, create new sales opportunities and business lines, establish hiring and procurement relationships with other business, creating programs, and other key functions —all with the goal of increasing their impact and success.


REDF’s Grant Making Strategy

After almost 20 years of making grants to support individual employment social enterprises, REDF is now investing in clusters of growing social enterprises in cities and regions nationwide to scale the movement, build the partnerships needed for a thriving social enterprise ecosystem, and help tens of thousands more people overcoming employment barriers get the support they need to succeed.

The REDF national portfolio is made up of growth stage social enterprises selected from a national, competitive pool to receive multi-year grants and specialized on-going advisory services as part of REDF’s Social Innovation Fund initiative.

REDF also makes “strategic grants” to outstanding social enterprises that range from early stage, start-ups, to more mature groups that receive one year support from REDF for a specific purpose. Strategic grants are flexible tools that allow us to test different approaches, and which inform our work on how to best scale the social enterprise movement.

To get to know the social enterprises in our 2015-2020 portfolio and strategic grant portfolio, click here. To review our five-year strategic plan, click here.