REDF Accelerator

The REDF Accelerator is a unique program providing training, support, and community for a cohort of talented leaders running employment-focused social enterprises. In addition to learning from REDF’s 20+ years of experience, Fellows provide each other with experience-based solutions, peer mentorship, and invaluable inspiration.

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    • To hear more about the experience from alumni, check out these blogs and this video about our first cohort.

Farber Internship

The Farber Internship Program, founded by Stuart Davidson, REDF’s Vice Chair of Board of Directors, provides 10-week-long internships for graduate students pursuing their MBA or other relevant degree programs (e.g. MPA, MPH, MSW) who want to explore careers in social enterprise. The summer-long positions at our portfolio organizations offer the opportunity to apply your business skills to strategic projects. Intense, hands-on, and practical, a Farber Internship offers front-line experience, backed by professional development workshops designed to provide exposure to a number of topics including venture philanthropy, double bottom line accounting & social costs, employee support programs, and measurement & social return on investment. The internship program also creates the opportunity to be a part of a cohort of inspiring and energetic students from around the country (and abroad) who are passionate about social enterprise and the work that REDF does. Learn More >>>