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For nearly 20 years, REDF has helped build the field of employment social enterprise by providing grants and specialized advisory services to a portfolio of social enterprises. In 2011, REDF launched the Social Enterprise for Jobs network – SE4Jobs – to fuel the growth of participating organizations through shared learnings and best practices.

Under the umbrella of REDF's SE4Jobs network and partnering with the Points of Light Civic Accelerator, REDF has just launched an Accelerator program specifically designed for social enterprise leaders around the country to help them advance their business. The Points of Light Foundation, founded in 1990 in response to President George H. W. Bush’s call for increasing national civic engagement, launched the Civic Accelerator to help socially-minded startups – both for-profit and nonprofit – gain access to resources to better address some of the nation’s most intractable problems by helping to scale their enterprises.

The SE4Jobs Accelerator will bring together a cohort of talented employment-focused social enterprise leaders who serve people striving to overcome barriers to employment, with the objective of transitioning these workers into competitive, long-term jobs. Through the program, leaders will receive expert guidance on core business competencies, employee support programs, and have the opportunity to build peer networks, ultimately helping them increase job readiness and long-term employment success for the people they serve.

Why REDF, Why Now?
Since 1997, REDF has worked with social enterprises to expand job development programs for individuals who face the greatest difficulties in getting and keeping a job. To date, these social enterprises have earned and reinvested in their companies $163 million in revenue while employing over 11,000 people. In addition to transforming lives and strengthening communities, social enterprise investment provides a significant rate of return to society—$2.23 in benefits for every $1 spent.

Fueled by investments made by philanthropists, social investors, and the federal government’s Social Innovation Fund, REDF expanded the impact of its work by launching a national portfolio and growing the SE4Jobs network of practitioners in the field. Now, in support of the next generation of social enterprises, REDF is leveraging its technical expertise to create a high-touch accelerator program. This first of its kind REDF SE4Jobs Accelerator will help to build a pipeline of effective social enterprises changing the lives of individuals, one job at a time.

Meet the Cohort: 2016 REDF SE4Jobs Accelerator Cohort

The 2016 REDF SE4Jobs Accelerator cohort is composed of 18 social enterprise leaders from around the country, who will receive expert guidance on core business competencies, employee support programs, and have the opportunity to peer networks that will help fuel their success, and the success of the people they serve.

East Coast



West Coast

Program Schedule

Over the course of seven months, the cohort will meet three times and attend virtual sessions that will serve as touchpoints between the in-person events. The program will provide an opportunity to build collaborative relationships with passionate social enterprise leaders who want to come together to learn from each other and grow their businesses.

November 9 – 12, 2016 Session 1 | San Francisco
February 15 – 18, 2017 Session 2 | New Orleans
May 10 – 13, 2017 Session 3 | Baltimore

Additional Information

The application deadline for the 2016 REDF SE4Jobs Accelerator Cohort has now passed. To apply, please check back summer 2017. For more information about the SE4Jobs Accelerator, please see our FAQs, or read the blog, or check out the press release. If you have any additional questions, please email us at